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World-Class Consulting with Prime Dash

Faster & more Effective Execution
Prime Dash will automatically analyze a company’s financial data to provide the best decisions to take in order to reach maximum profitability.
We are ready to partner with your consulting firm
  • We offer custom packages, discounts, and customizations for companies with a large number of consultants
  • If requested, we can provide on-site training of the software
  • We will provide ongoing and personalized support to ensure a seamless execution of your consulting projects

20 innovative tools READY to get the job done

Prime Dash comes ready with 20 different financial reports and simulation tools to help consultants deliver the best financial results for their clients.

The ideal tool for the result-seekers

Prime Dash tools have been strategically developed to help consultants excel before, during and after consulting engagements.

Engineering your clients’ financial success will be seamless with Prime Dash

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